12:00 AM

12:07 am, looking through the ceiling contemplating tears.
Sweating and shaking, shaming, and flawed.
Remembering how dark everything is even when the lights are on.

12:38 am, asking for forgiveness cause the sinning never stops.
Pulling under the stained sheets of the innocence, breathing; though there’s no reason for it.

12:45 am, trying to close the sorry of the eyes. Gripping the heart that has been offered yet rejected – wishing, wanting not to tell a soul about it.

12:59 am, broken like the shattered glasses taken by the wave; wanting to be driven away – like the dried leaves swirling with the wind. Wanting to get away. Escape – the hurt.

12:59 am, tired and weak and chooses to be just used to it.



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