12:00 AM

12:07 am, looking through the ceiling contemplating tears.
Sweating and shaking, shaming, and flawed.
Remembering how dark everything is even when the lights are on.

12:38 am, asking for forgiveness cause the sinning never stops.
Pulling under the stained sheets of the innocence, breathing; though there’s no reason for it.

12:45 am, trying to close the sorry of the eyes. Gripping the heart that has been offered yet rejected – wishing, wanting not to tell a soul about it.

12:59 am, broken like the shattered glasses taken by the wave; wanting to be driven away – like the dried leaves swirling with the wind. Wanting to get away. Escape – the hurt.

12:59 am, tired and weak and chooses to be just used to it.



Late Night Thoughts

It’s quite funny how late night scares me the most. Late nights where I can find peace and be able to think– which isn’t peace at all. I never really wanted a quiet, eerie place though at times I needed it. Being a teenager who does or does not have issues about herself, late nights are the most terrifying thing ever. Because in that time, she realizes that monster isn’t living under her bed, it is living inside of her head.

(picture is not mine)